About Us

My name is Jenwaite, and I used to suck so much with girls that you would not believe it.

I couldn’t get a girl, and when I got one, I couldn’t keep her.

Clueless. (Please, click on the LINK to read more about my embarrassing story, it’s at the bottom of the page.)

However, as in basically all other aspects of our lives, we can improve on something if we focus and work on it by persisting long enough, we’ll get it better, and if we stick to it even longer, we can become experts in it.

I read every book on relationships that I could find. I paid for so many online courses (although they weren’t that many when I started. I Guess I’m getting old…:-) and coachings that it seems ridiculous now when I look back.

Eventually, you get to a point where you succeed and start helping your friends, then their friends, and the chain continues.

It started in 2008, and I’ve been helping others with their romantic relationships since then😊.

I truly love this subject as I enjoy helping others and believe that relationships are our most important “things.”

I started building this website in 2023 and decided to give all I know about relationships for free here during my free time. But as you’ll see after going through the content, I recommend some products I truly believe are the best you can find. This is how I finance this website.

I hope you will find my contribution useful and help you achieve the life you desire.