Genie Script Reviews

Genie Script is a personal development program by Wesley Virgin containing eBooks, audio, and videos that comes with a “secret” training on how to use the script to help you achieve goals. Download Genie Script PDF here.

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Wesley Virgin’s Genie Script Reviews

What is Genie Script?

Genie Script is a digital manifestation program that helps alter your reality to make your most fantastic dream come true. It predicts wealth, health, energy level, intelligence, mental focus, and clarity for you.

This program help fills your bank account with enough money, help you to attract the man of your dream, and transforms your body in a completely new way.

Genie Script directly deals with your financial and personal objectives to aid in following your plan till you accomplish it.

Genie Script 20-word script helps modify your mind, allows you to manifest faster, and helps open the floodgates of greater wealth, abundance, health, happiness, and freedom.

It even improves women’s estrogen levels, enhancing beauty, physique, and financial stability. You can build your career and motivate yourself on stage as you get to use the manifestation program.

The Genie Script is suitable for all women, allowing them to control their lives and fulfill their work and goals without delay.

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What do You Find Inside the Genie Script?

  • The Genie Script 20-word Manifestation Script:

The script helps you overcome the struggle of past life and takes you to the next stage to become what you want to be sooner than ever.

Utilizing the program makes you feel like a new person with new transformation and development. It removes negativity, emotions, disturbing beliefs, and other thoughts.

Genie Script helps you unlock the orbitofrontal cortex brain assisting you in grabbing the chance to become a financially stable person.

  • The Subconscious Mind Rapid Rewrite Training Module:

This training module is super effective as your subconscious mind only does the heavy lifting for you. It either has the power to set your life on the right path giving success and abundance as your train your brain.

Utilizing this module helps your subconscious mind act similarly, allowing miracles and serendipities to form in your life. Additionally, it lets you focus on your career to gain more confidence and self-esteem when you succeed.

  • The Brainwave Mastery Training Module:

When the brain waves in your head are disorganized, it can lead to stress and depression, making you feel trapped in a dark hole.

However, by listening to these training modules, you can improve your ability to focus on your career and concentrate on one goal at a time.

Through this training, you will learn to command the proper production of brain waves, which will help you feel more energized and positive. As a result, you are becoming more attractive and confident.

  • Wealth Visuals Hacks Inside of the Genie Script:

This hack lets you think clearly about what you choose and intend to become in your life journey. It can be applied to various situations, such as job hunting, buying a car, or renting a flat.

The hack involves a unique breathing technique that ignites a burning desire within you to achieve your goals more efficiently. Committing to this approach can increase your chances of success and maintain a laser-focused mindset.


What Will You Get From the Genie Script?

  • Magical Scripting Journal Kit: This kit provides the work of manifesting that has helped thousands of people worldwide to manifest things that physically materialize for everyday use.
  • 17 Oil Pheromone Lovers Kit: When you apply these oils to a particular area of your body, you will undoubtedly experience a powerful pull toward your loved one. This process will ensure they stay close to you, up to three feet away.
  • Sage Poverty Cleansing Kit: Utilizing these methods helps you eliminate all the negative energy associated with bad habits, credits, debt, and poverty you’re currently facing. This Sage Poverty Cleansing Kit changes your lives, helping you instantly attract wealth 10xs faster.
  • The Abundance Checks Kit: You have a quick check in your passion when you use the special kit that helps attract random checks to your mailbox and bank account.
  • The Exotic Vacation Manifesting Kit: Achieve a prosperous life by manifesting your dreams of traveling to your favorite destinations worldwide and enjoying your time there.
  • The Subliminal Mind Hack Kit: This kit works like magic, helping you to find your true source while altering and reprogramming your subconscious mind. It motivates you to believe in yourself to get more abundance and wealth flow, so you naturally and easily take the right action toward accomplishing your goal.
  • High Vibrational Food List: Indulge in the advantages of delectable and exceptional cuisine that has the power to augment your dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin levels, thereby enhancing your mood and enabling you to seize control of your life.
  • Secret Chakra Hacks: It is the best hack that easily helps you to open your chakras using wine & steamy hot baths. You’ll love these techniques and open the chakra to activate a healthy lifestyle.

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Advantages of Genie Script:

  • Genie Script helps manifest your dream while claiming abundance, health, vitality, and wealth.
  • It could put you on the fast track to becoming an overnight millionaire.
  • Genie Script helps you attract money and wealth to flow into your life effortlessly.
  • You have the power to modify the direction of your life rapidly, giving you a chance to overcome poverty.
  • Genie Script manifestation digital program helps stimulate the subconscious mind, control it, and use it on yourself to get what you want in life.
  • You get three extra exclusive free bonus reports and four training modules to support your manifestation progress.
  • The Genie Script comes cheaply with a money refund policy and no hassle.
  • You can alter the brain and activate the wealth DNA along with millionaire’s morning ritual techniques used by the likes of people.
  • You will be pleasantly surprised by the Genie script’s functionality when you access the member’s area today.

Disadvantages of Genie Script:

  • Genie Script can be bought from an online platform through the official website.
  • No offline access is unavailable for the Genie Script.
  • Do have a stable internet service or backups before you purchase the program.

Price Details of Genie Script:

Purchase the Genie Script digital program for $37 from the official webpage, take advantage of the discount, and start using the techniques to manifest your dream.

Completing your one-time registration in a secured form takes only a minute by entering the valid information. You can be confident knowing you will not be charged additional fees when purchasing.

The value does going to end there. The creator gives you a radical offer to speed up the time it takes you to succeed in your life by throwing three special bonuses.

So totally, you get one set of Genie Script along with a special report for free. For further detail or inquiry, contact the required person or team and shoot a question to clarify your doubts.

Genie Script Program with Bonuses


The Bonus of Genie Script:

The author of this manifestation program also included three other special gifts that surprise you with outstanding results. The only purpose for providing the bonus is to activate inner confidence and supernatural effects resting in yours.

All these three bonuses are effectively developed with scientific research and paper works. So get the gift now and start increasing the flow of wealth and money into your life.

Bonus #1: Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercise

It is the first bonus you get along with a Genie Script that helps to collect the wealth frequencies developed to alter your mind to keep following the steps for success.

Using the powerful frequencies in this activation program makes you instantly feel good and active throughout the day.

Bonus #2: Kundalini Touch Exercise

These bonus techniques let you awaken your cells linked to the emotional power to vibrate to the music frequency to manifest the life you long to live.

Its jam-packed value will naturally boost dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin levels. This process helps you physically and mentally to surrender to the positive energy for future success.

Bonus #3: Millionaire Meditation

Get the exclusive meditation bonus program for effective success and activation of the wealth gene. It is behind-the-scenes access to what a millionaire’s morning rituals look like.

It changes your habits and hacks your lifestyle, transforming your life in a way that compels success on demand.

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Final Thoughts on Genie Script:

Join the thousands of people, see the miracle for yourself, and experience daily breakthroughs with the Genie script. You are astonished by how your brain manifests your desires and eliminates negative vibes around you.

Take action to turn your life around and increase your confidence to motivate yourself to move on the path you dreamt of.

Every person is different, so the result isn’t the same. Some have witnessed a massive outcome as soon as the first few days of use, while some still have taken weeks to activate the script fully.

Well, for those with a delayed result or persons who wish to cancel the order, the creator has provided a 100% satisfaction guarantee cash return policy for a full 1 year.

Just mail the customer support team, and they will refund your investment on the spot.

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